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Screen Printing

Our Screen Printing Department offers up to 6 individual screen printed colors and with the right blending , shading, and layering we can make it look like many more! Screen Printing has been been around for hundreds of years and stays the number one  in apparel decorating and printing, With minimums starting at 12 pieces we have a package fit for any need.


Full Color Flags & Vinyl Banners

Basic flags, advertising flags, banners big and small. With our advertising department we can do it all!

Dont forget Truth Printing when your looking to add some advertising to your fences or just need a bad ass custom flag.
Lets get the details together and get you taken care of this week!


The Embroidery department began in 2018 to fulfill our clients needs and has been growing ever since. With embroidery we can add your logo in up to 15 colors on hats, backpacks, polo's, jackets and more.

Not ready for wholesale?
We have Single Piece SAMPLE orders available.

Ready to get your project started?

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You know your print colors , location and garment colors, sizes, and quantites head on over to the quote form!

What is Truth Printing?

Well to tell the Truth, its a lot more than printing. While it began with a dream a single color screen print press in a closet of my parents basement; we now have the ability to print or embroider thousands of pieces per day. To top it off we offer 1 week delivery upgrade on a huge range of products! We pride ourselves in creating completely custom, high quality designs and ideas for ourselves and our clients.

We are awesome people just making awesome stuff for other awesome people.

Laura and Michael Banner Rock Road

While we are

  • keeping up with the non stop client needs
  • maintaining the upkeep
  • fulfilling orders in production
  • cleaning up
  • either delivering or shipping goods

the things get hectic, but we still have to make the time for the artwork needs.

Artwork files will always need to be prepared for a first time order whether its for stitch or print and is currently our slowest check-point taking anywhere from 1-3 days to process art mockups, and basic design requests. So if you know anyone looking to grow themselves a nice graphics department with a myriad of fun creative tools available to learn on send them our way! While we still offer Full Scale in depth design work it falls into our typical 10 day turn around due to nature of time investment and weekly operational needs.

To wrap up the short explanation of what we are, we are creators, dreamers, and questioners of the possible! Who also currently do amazing t shirts, polos, yard signs, banners, business cards, stickers, mugs, key chains, laser engraving, stickers, websites, design work, and whatever other bad ass stuff we feel like making.

Our Belief


Our Belief  is that we have a mission to show each person that in each one of us we all have power to change the world. Especially your own, and that's really where it all starts . Your power to speak, think and feel. Combining your thoughts, with your actions will give you a feel relative to YOUR thoughts, and YOUR actions. You are capable of pushing your existence in a new direction.  Knowing that your thoughts combined with your words and actions produce the reality in which you exist. By controlling the inner YOU you can shape the outward realities. . . We don't let labels or boxes dictate the possible. We don't live by the news and we don't drain into the TV, we take measurable action towards growth day by day. Write your goals or dreams down, Let them change, let you change, be free in the fact that you are evidence of an extraordinary existence

We exist to keep polishing the system ... as a good thing never really ends so neither should the process of improvement. From the day to day running an automatic screen print machine, the sample stitches and test prints, the embroidery machine,  our vinyl cutter , sublimation printer and presses . As well as handle our leads, invoicing , art, deliveries and all the clean up and follow up on your orders. The whole thing takes a lot of time and organization. If your interested in becoming a part of the organization , and developing your own brand or business with us feel free to reach out. We would love to share our experiences and help you grow your passion as well. 

The one thing you have to remember is to breathe and trust your process .  You can't rush a masterpiece .

While we wear to many hats to give just a single title. 

Michael Giles has over 5 years of current experience in Decorated apparel & promotional industry and is passionate about exceeding your expectations in quality and service but also happy to collaborate and share in how we can help grow one an others  businesses.

Laura Kellogg has over 3 years of experience in the decorated apparel & Promotional products industry.  Laura has a strong design background which overflows into not only her graphics or t shirt designs but the photos and content distribution as well. She is also the key player in making sure we dont over work! 

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we're doing right or what we can improve on.

Let us help you

We would love to partner with you on any of your.

T shirts - Hats - Folders - Design - Banners - Stickers - Business Cards - Polo's - Pens
Mugs - License Plates - Screen Printing - Embroidery - Vinyl - Can Coolers
Hoodies - Shorts - Sublimation Team Uniforms - Bags - Patches - Pins - Flags
Oh you get the idea.
But also














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