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Feather Flags

Feather Flags, you cant beat the value.

A small upfront investment and some help from the wind you will have your flags paid for in a day!

Catch eyes passing by with many different sizes and shapes available.

Let us help convey your message!

Door Hangers

Door Hangers and door to door marketing is tried and true.

Great fit for many Lawn and Tree Services as well as events and promotional needs!

If you need help with a design that will nicely convey your message we are here to help. Scroll down a bit more and take the Artwork Help Link.

Yard Signs

Yard Signs with H Stakes can bee seen on almost any drive you take around the city.

Why? They get peoples attention!

With so many ways to use them some of the most popular being you can use them after you finish with say Lawn Care or roofing job stick them in the clients yard for a week or two and then pick them up to keep them rotating around your different job sites.
( It works well when you leave it long enough that you sell the next job and instead of needing to pick them up, your just moving them to the next location usually not that far!)




Dinoz of oz screen printed

Ready to make an order but need artwork help?

Swing by the Artwork Help Page

We offer the full range in your design needs.




Chief Peace and Wichita Flag Pins
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