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One of our Latest Vector Illustration Projects

One of our latest designs would be for the Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club! Our contact was superb at providing the directions in the design elements he needed.

By taking the time to copy and paste photos he liked, or copy links to pages where he liked fonts. They could envision his design and we where there to help bring it to reality.


If your interested in bringing your concepts and ideas into finished illustrations you can check out for that here!

A few of our design capabilities

Vehicle Vinyl Design Process

Vehicle Graphic Design

Your business or event grows the more people that see , visit, or know about it correct? Wrap the entire vehicle and give it a few months and it will have paid for itself.

If your not ready to take the plunge into a full wrap why not start with a half or even some attention grabbing info with a number?

Basically if your driving something blank do you even want to be noticed?

We can check out for vehicle graphic design work here.

Design Digitizing explained

Digitizing a Logo

Logo digitizing is the art of taking sometimes really good graphics and sometimes really bad ones, and creating nice smooth embroidery patterns to follow.

Buying an embrodiery software will allow you to open your images and then retrace the lines over where your machine should go, as well as add stitch and fill components to create a beutifully stitched design.

You can purchase standard logo digitizing here!

Bitmap to Vector Redraw Image

Vectoring a Logo

Very similar to how you retrace and outline a logo for Embroidery Digitizing you must outline and re curve the pixelated designs into layers and objects made by mathematical curves.

We can redraw about any design or logo you have.
We offer standard logo redraws for purchase here!

Basic Graphic Design Process art

Basic Graphic Design

To help bring your idea into reality we need you to have a bit of an idea to start.

Lets compile all your notes and or a sketch and we can use this to complete your design!

We offer basic shirt designs, business card designs as well as redesigns on previous designs as well .

You can purchase a basic graphic design here!

Custom artwork request

Here you can enter information about the project you want to have done.

  • Business Card Designs
  • Trade show Booth Design and Merchandise Help
  • Business Logo Creation
  • Graphic Design and Advertising Expertise
  • T Shirt Design
  • Sticker Design
  • Banner Designs
  • You get the idea.


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