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If your ready for your invoice or an estimate we need you to fill out a contact form here.

NEED Immediate HELP and not getting through?

If this is urgent please put together all the pertinent details in a text message or an email and send it over. We will get back to you ASAP . 

Getting in touch

So your looking for custom shirts or hats, or even business cards. Before you get in touch you could put together a few key factors to help the process along.

1.What your wanting to put on the products your ordering.

2. What colors the product and decorations will be.

3. What types of products and whether you want the cheapest , name brand or somewhere in the middle.

4. Importantly - How many you're wanting .

5. The day you need to have them done by, or if its a rush specify.

6. If your still unsure on what you need to do please swing by our FAQ page.


AVAILABLE 9AM TO 6PM - Text, email or message details if you dont get an answer.


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