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The Truth Printing Embroidery Department
Stabbing almost every garment 12,000 times per piece.

- Digitizing -
The most important part.

So when it comes to embroidery the first and foremost important aspect is going to be the digitizing . Without a well digitized file your machine might not even make it through the design or worse ruin your garments or damage the machine in the process!

Digitizing is the art of taking the provided graphics and then laying patterns and stitch styles appropriately depending on the materials or garment choice.

- Order Establishment -
Specifying the details

At this point we have a solid design and artwork and the digitizing to go with it.

We can use the stitch count to price out many different garments you might have interest in. At this stage we will finalize the sizes, the color and styles of items your ordering. Once we have all that put together for an invoice approval and we will send this for you to look over verify and then pay.

Upon payment we can Que your order in our production schedule.

- Happy confident clients -

When you order with us we offer a few options for receiving your order.

The standard being we will notify you within 10 business days that your order is available for pick up. Other options include Local delivery within 10 business days for $10 or one week delivery cost based on your order.

Shipping also available via USPS ,UPS and fedex.

Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

Establish Digitizied Files

Choose Products Color and sizing, then embroidery size, colors and placements!

Await your order

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