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The place to find your Wichita Pride Products.

This collection of Wichita Pride products is brought to you by Truth Printing. While Truth Printing is a business built on wholesale and primarily in the business to business realm,  we find it hard not to explore our creativity in providing unique and different Wichita Pride products and apparel. 

If you have a strong Wichita Pride and frequent Wichita related events over the last few years you are apt to have spotted us once or many times set up either doing live screen printing or offering event t shirts or our line of custom products. 

Its been a blast getting to know many of you and seeing you all throughout the years. we truly appreciate your support and love to hear all about how you are constantly complimented on your hats or t shirts =) 

  • Looking for a cool new Wichita Shirt to wear when traveling ? We have a few and more coming.
  • Maybe you just need a classy Keeper of the plains Dad hat ? Yep we have it. Any color you could want. 
  • Want an avenue to create and sell your products? Lets schedule a chat! 
  • Have suggestions on products you would like to see ? Shoot us an email or message us on any social media platform, we are always open to collaboration! 

Take a look at the collection we have to offer and make sure to follow our Facebook or Instagram page for updates along the way.

Thank you all for making this dream possible =)

  • If your company, team or school needs help with a decorated apparel order this year feel free to reach out and fill out a form here
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